2019 Dethlefs - Treffer Bull Sale

Friday, April 5, 2018 | 1:00 pm

Loup City Livestock Commission Co. | Loup City, NE

The Loup City Livestock Commission is located 1 mile West on Hwy 92

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery | Burwell, Nebraska | 308-750-6119

Publication Representatives: Drew Feller | Angus Journal | 402-841-4215

                                                       Randy Rasby | Livestock Plus | 308-386-4857

                                                       Alan Sears | Western Livestock Reporter | 970-396-7521

Buyers unable to attend the sale may submit their bids to the auctioneer or publication representatives.


55 Yearling Bulls

15 Fall + Coming Two-Year Olds

Sale Day Phone: 308-745-1766     |     Complimentary Lunch on Sale Day

Terms and Conditions:

Cattle will sell under the Standard Terms and Conditions recommended by the American Angus Association. The terms of the sale are cash. All settlements must be made at the close of the auction. Any disputes as to bids shall be settled by the auctioneer, whose decision shall be final and shall bind purchases to the announcement of the sale and sale price. Special care has been taken to insure the accuracy in the matter of pedigrees and information in the catalog, but we are not to be held responsible for any error which may appear and is beyond our control. Corrections that may be discovered prior to the sale will be announced at the time of selling.


All bulls selling for over $2500 are guaranteed against breeding injury for the first breeding season. Breeding season is defined as the 90-day period following the first turn-out of the bulls. Please notify us at the onset of injury to discuss treatment options. Notification must be received by the breeder by September 1, 2019. Credit for the amount of purchase price minus $2500 will be applied toward a replacement bull if one is available or applied to a purchase in next year's sale. The buyer keeps all salvage value on the injured bull.

Herd Health:

All cattle were vaccinated with two doses of modified live vaccine including IBR, PI3, BRSV, BVD and Pasteurella, as well as a Clostridial 7-Way/Haemophilus vaccination. They were poured in the fall with Ivermectin for internal and external parasites. Out-of-state buyers will be furnished with necessary health papers.


The yearling bulls have been housed at the bull development center of Darr Feedlots, Inc. They have been fed on a high roughage diet to test their performance ability without sacrificing their soundness, longevity or future use.

Herd Testing:

All the bulls are guaranteed free of genetic defects which include AM, NH, CA, DD, as well as, more non-life threatening defects or free by pedigree.

Semen Testing:

All bulls in the sale have passed a strict breeding soundness exam consisting of semen evaluation for motility, morphology, concentration and presence of WBC's. They were also checked to be free of penile warts or persistent frenulum.

Volume Discount:

Discounts will be offered at 3% for three bulls, 4% for four bulls and 5% for five or more bulls.

Free Delivery:

Bulls will be delivered free of charge in Nebraska or if you haul sale day, $50 will be deducted per bull.


American Livestock Insurance will be available sale day for mortality insurance on purchases if so desired.

Dutch and Marian Dethlefs

31310 Imperial Rd.

Ravenna, Nebraska  68869

(308) 452-4147

Craig and Laurie Dethlefs

514 Milan Ave.

Ravenna, Nebraska 68869


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