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Our Story

The Dethlefs family started their registered Angus herd in 1960 when Carl Dethlefs purchased a registered bull and registered heifer in Lincoln,    Nebraska. The cattle were registered under the name Carl Dethlefs and Sons, as family was a big part of raising and showing cattle. Sons, Ken ‘Dutch’ and Jerry spent many years in 4-H, FFA and Junior Angus Shows  exhibiting their heifers. Their families continue to show to this day.

Dethlefs Angus Ranch was the registered name used by the Dutch Dethlefs Family. This began in 1965 when they moved to the Henry Ranch south of Poole, Nebraska. They now live across the South Loup River from that first ranch, acquiring the Tillson Ranch, which is located one mile west of Poole or six miles southwest of Ravenna. The Tillson’s had             homesteaded and built a sizeable ranch in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They raised Angus cattle in the early years and were the first     operation to irrigate out of the South Loup River. Water rights were filed on July 20, 1895. The Dethlefs family still uses surface water from the South Loup under that permit.

The family of Dutch and Marian consists of six children, 16 grand    children and 12 great grand children. All of these family members play a major role in making Dethlefs Angus Ranch what it is today. Branding time is the big family gathering, where even the little ones throwing ropes to drag calves to the fire. The family also enjoys getting together for hunting and fishing when they are not working with the cattle. They have harvested many fish, deer, turkey and raccoons (with dogs) on their ranch.

In 2016, Craig and his family moved back to Ravenna after retiring as a veterinarian due to health reasons. They are currently helping at the ranch full time. Dethlefs Angus Ranch is the only operation in Nebraska to have been honored with two producers of the year. Dutch and Marian in 2007 and Craig and Laurie in 2014. 

Kenneth 'Dutch' and Marian Dethlefs


Craig, Laurie and Kacey Dethlefs 
Brad, Aliesha, Etta Kate and Reilly Meusch
Ben, Emily and Noah Johnson

Presently, the operation runs approximately 150 cows on their 1,200 plus acres. They have been using A.I. and embryo technology in their herd for over 45 years. Over 80% of the females in their herd are A.I. sired.

According to Dutch, the 2018 calf crop is looking very good and seems to be doing well on all the green grass the bountiful rains the 2018 spring and summer have provided. The calves are sired by Renown,    Rampage, PayRaise, Tour of Duty and Sensation. Their herd bulls include SAV Angus Industry, Woodhill Granite and Connealy General to finish up the sire groups.

The majority of the bulls raised in their program are marketed through their annual production sale that is cohosted with Treffer Angus. They will be holding their 51st annual sale this coming April 5, 2019. They also sell through the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic show and sale held annually in February. They have been a part of the Classic since its inception in 1991.

We welcome any and all visitors to our ranch on the Tilson Homestead. God willing, our family will be able to carry on the traditions for years to come.

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